Money Times Volume No. XXVIII
   Edition No.10 Dated: 07-01-19
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MONEY TIMES is a weekly journal of Business and Investments as apparent by its legend. Launched on 25th November 1991 by the people who pioneered investment journalism in 1985 and who have been in the forefront ever since, MONEY TIMES has the best financial analysts and business writers trusted for over two decades. Its apt coverage, editorial mix, design, layout and distribution give it a distinct edge to make it the TIMELY, TOPICAL and TRUSTED guide for lakhs of investor-readers in India and abroad.


Readership Advantage:
With its coverage of business environment factors apart from hard investment analysis, MONEY TIMES has greater appeal among investors than speculators.
Editorial Advantage:
MONEY TIMES offers the finest editorial mix with modular layout to make the journal attractive and appealing.
Artworks, film positives, art pulls or CD in PDF/EPS format should reach our Mumbai office two days prior to the day of release. Cancellation advice should reach our office one day prior to the date of release.
Distribution Advantage:
MONEY TIMES is strategically released in Mumbai every Saturday and reaches upcountry readers well in time to act on the first day of the new week when the stock markets re-open.
Mechanical Details:
A weekly tabloid newspaper, MONEY TIMES has six columns of 33 cms. height to a page with the column width of 4 cms. A full page consists of 33 x 6 = 198 col. cms.
Advertising Rates:
Black and White : Rs.328 per col. cm. or Rs.82 per sq. cm.
Colour : Advertisement in four colours in special sections Rs.600 per col. cm. or Rs.150 per sq. cm.
Credibility Advantage:
Independent of any broking firm, finance company, industrial or publishing house, MONEY TIMES can afford to be objective and analytical.
Printing Process:
AWeb Offset.

Release Date:
Every Saturday morning in Mumbai.
Position Surcharge:
Front Page Solus: 100% extra (maximum size: 25 cms. x 4 cols.)
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