Profitrak Daily Fresh Futures
Profitrak Daily Fresh Futures

1) One Buy Per Day (If available as per our 'Buy' criteria)

How a 'Buy' is decided?

'Fresh Buy' as per our trading signal. But the trading signal must be supported by increase in open interest and volumes and the candle movement (Close>Open) is positive. The stock with the highest relative strength will be selected as the daily fresh buy from the F&O segment.

2) Follow up on an earlier Uptrend or 'Buy'. These stock futures remain in an uptrend till the prices are above the Daily Reversal Value.

3)  Exit Long position indication

4) One Sell Per Day (if available as per our 'Sell' criteria)

5) Follow Up of earlier Downtrend or 'Sell'

6) Exit Short indication

Subscription Rates:
- 1 month INR 4000
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